Zoning Review and Building Permit  (HVAC, Plumbing, Drain, Building)
Any building permit application will need to satisfy zoning by-laws and/or Ontario Building Code requirements.  The review process is typically broken into two parts with zoning reviews completed before any final building permit permit applications.  

Admin Permits:
A separate building permit is required for any work related to common walls that are shared between semi-detached houses.  This does not require additional drawings, but neighbouring property owner must be OK with the application.

Land Surveyor
Any building permit application will require a legal and accurate land survey to establish property boundaries, structure(s), topographic information and other relevant land features

Committee of Adjustments (CofA)
Any proposals that do not comply with local zoning by-laws may require approval from Committee of Adjustments.  CofA is a public hearing process which will involve notification to surrounding neighbours and review from various planning departments to understand the proposal.

Urban Forestry and Arborists
 Any trees within 6.0m of the property will require assessment for Tree Protection Zones (TPZ).  These zones will need to be sectioned off with hoarding off and may not interfere with any construction activity (incl traffic and material storage)  A permit to injure or removal of a tree requires a separate application to the Urban Forestry Dept as part of the overall building permit process.

Structural Engineer

All construction plans will require review by a structural engineer.  Construction review is recommended where appropriate for certain design

Soils engineer
A soils engineer may be required to confirm bearing capacity of soils, footing assessment and excavation/shoring requirements where conditions call for it  

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC design)
HVAC design will establish the mechanical workings of heating and cooling. Some of the details for this design may include furnace, boilers, radiant, HVAC, etc...

Truss design
Where appropriate a roof truss system may work best for the project.  Truss design will be provided by a truss manufacturer and will be required prior as part of the building permit application.  

Transportation Services:
All properties require a legal designate parking spot unless conditions from original construction do not allow for it.  Any proposal that can’t satisfy parking requirements will require a variance from CofA for zero parking on the property or a separate application to Transportation services for off street parking permits.  

Interior design and decorating
Construction plans are typically intended for building permit applications and general construction purposes only.  Specific design decisions need to be coordinated with contractor(s) for any interior design, HVAC, landscaping, electrical layouts, millwork, architectural materials, windows, colour selections, etc… It’s important to check potential contractors about their design-build guidelines.  

Heritage Approval
Some properties may be listed as inventory lots in a Heritage District.  This will require a separate review and approval as part of the building permit application process.  

Grading Engineers
An engineered grading plan will be required for any new home building permit applications.  The plans would be prepared from an already prepared land survey

Conservation authorities
Any work that is bordering a ravine or natural protection area will require approval from the local conservation authority.